UHU All Purpose Adhesive 125ml

UHU 40815

UHU All Purpose Adhesive is a proven fast, crystal-clear universal adhesive for universal applications at home, in the office, for modelling, at school and for crafts. Glues many materials rapidly and durably. Its adhesive bond remains temporarily correctable and it does not wrinkle paper.

Made in Germany.

- Dries crystal clean
- Can be adjustable temporarily
- Does not wrinkle paper
- Excellent for ceramic, cork, fabric, felt, glass, leather, metal, paper, plastics (ABS, hard- and soft pvc, Plexiglas®, polystyrene, Resopal®), porcelain, rubber and wood.
- Not suitable for PE, PP
- Available in 7ml, 20ml, 35ml, 60ml and 125ml metal tubes

- Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be stuck (dry and free of dust and grease).
- Apply the adhesive thinly to one side of the assembly - that's it!
- For non-absorbent materials like ceramic and coated papers, apply to both sides of the assembly, leave to dry, re-apply and press the parts together
- Can be washed out using detergent at 60°C.

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