TRAVELER'S Brass Clip Number x 12

TRAVELER'S 43080006

This is clip with numbers 1 through 12 being punched out.,Imagine the days where there weren’t any computer and internet. In a country far away, there’s a small hotel with a number plate on each room. We made this number clip where the font of the number resembles the room plate of a hotel. Please use this as a bookmark or an index on your notebook or book. It is also suitable for sorting docu-ments and business cards. The warm feeling of brass should give warmth to your daily life.,BRASS has a somewhat nostalgic feeling which makes you want to use it for years and years, as if it is something you cannot bear to part with.,The longer you use them, your BRASS products age beautifully and develop different textures until they somehow become part of you.
BRASS, an alloy of copper and zinc, has its own adorable gloss, and has been used in architecture, furniture and hardware, art and craftworks, etc., since antiquity. Over the years, its surface oxidizes to become a deep, tender color hue worthy of long appreciation. Some brass pens are painted, but the paint gradually fades as you use the pen, until the pen's brass appears to show its one-of-a-kind color hue. Paper clips that look like some good old number plates. Use them as bookmarkers, indices, etc.,Package / in PP bag, H105 x W200 x D3mm,BRASS Clip / H31 x W17mm, 12 clips,MADE IN CHINA

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