TINTORETTO Roberto Zangarelli Watercolor Brush Set x 3


About the Artist,After graduating Graphics school, Roberto started working as a graphic illustrator in his own studio. In 2016, with two watercolourist friends of his, he founded the Aquarelle Art Studio Association to spread and share this wonderful technique with artists from all over the World. During the past years he has regularly exposed his works in national and international exhibitions. He has gained many prizes and rewards in Italian and foreign manifestations. About the Brand,In Arezzo, a Tuscany town 50 km far from Florence, the cradle of Renaissance painting, land of ancient traditions and strong inspirations, in 1999, from the twenty years experience of its founder in brushes’ production, the young and dynamic brand “Tintoretto” was born. From the very beginning they based their products on the research of quality of raw materials and of the manufacture process, developing over the years a wide range of brushes allowing them to meet any artistic need, which make them the leading company in Italy in the field of fine arts brushes. About the Brush,Traditional brush with a redefined design for the modern age. It possesses the most advanced features under every aspect. Realised with the collaboration and precious technical support of the professional watercolorist and illustrator Felice Feltracco, these brushes are conceived especially to satisfy the extreme needs of modern watercolorists: remarkably thin tip, high color retention, appreciable elasticity for the return of the tip. Unlike traditional squirrel hair brushes in natural quill, series 1407 is 100% Cruelty Free, since the ferrule is made out of plastic material and the fibres are completely synthetic. Moreover, the handle is realised with a special varnishing which enters the wood, making it waterproof, estranging it from the typical breaking and cracking of the surface, also anti-slip for more grip on the handle in order to guarantee maximum precision. Sizes,- Kazan squirrel synthetic, size 10,- Kazan squirrel synthetic, size 5/0,- Kolinsky sable hair, size 6

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