PELIKAN 4001 Giant Ink Cartridge Pink x 5

PELIKAN 321077

In the year 1838 the art of painting with water colors was very popular among the higher levels of society, but the choice of colors at attractive prices proved to be slim. Chemist Carl Hornemann decided to change that and founded his own production close to the city of Hanover, Germany. A gin distillery close by first provided the distilled water he needed for his ink production. During the centuries that followed, the Pelikan competence in the production of inks grew continuously and thus the birth of Pelikan 4001 fountain pen inks.,Made in Germany.,<b>Features</b>,<br>- For traditional Pelikan fountain pens and many other fountain pens with plunger mechanism and converter.,<br>- The tried and tested Pelikan 4001 inks are optimally designed for Pelikan fountain pens and guaranteed for reliable functioning.,<br>- Care for fountain pen and nib.,<br>- Produce clear line definition.,<br>- Royal blue can be eradicated and washed outof most textiles.,<br>- Capacity: 0.75ml.,<br>- 6 cartridges in a box.

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