MIDORI Pen & Tool Mesh Pouch Light Blue

MIDORI 53348006

Pen & tool pouch that is easy to sort by color and shape. A mesh pouch with two inner pockets of different colors and shapes. Depending on the size of the items to be stored, two pockets can be used properly, so you can organize small items without stress ◎ The pouch part is sized to hold B6 size notebooks and notebooks, making it easy for adult women to carry It has become. By slanting the upper part of the pocket part, it is easy to take out small items. It can be used not only as a pouch for stationery, but also for various purposes. As a stationery pouch: The pouch can hold notebooks and notebooks up to B6 size. Small items such as sticky notes and writing tools that are easily dispersed can be put in a small pocket. As a makeup pouch: You can carry small items such as lips and eye drops in a small pocket, and carry hygiene items such as masks with you. As a multi-case when going to the hospital ... You can put your seal or medical examination ticket in a small pocket, and put your medicine notebook or mother-child notebook in the pouch. Since it is a light and transparent mesh material, it is also a convenient point to be able to grasp the contents at a glance. For the color of the fastener part, I chose silver that fits each color. A lineup of bright colors not found in conventional mesh pouches. While each color has a sense of unity, the color of the inner pocket is darker than the color of the outer pouch so that you can see where and what you put in at a glance. We are particular about not only the color of the mesh but also the color of the edge tape of each pocket. Specification,Dimension: H170 × W230 × D10mm,Material: Nylon Note: Please note that using the product in a wet condition may cause discoloration or color transfer. Do not store in places with high temperature and humidity and in direct sunlight. It may cause discoloration, deformation, or fading. Please note that the color may transfer if it is stored for a long time in close contact with printed matter or other objects.

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