MIDORI Protractor Grid Underlay Ruler B5

MIDORI 40226006

A multi-layered underlay that has both a ruler and protractor function! A B5 size multifunctional underlay with a ruler and a full circle protractor. The scale of the ruler is divided into black and white, which can be used according to the color of the object. The scale is printed in two colors, white that is easy to see on dark colors and black that is easy to see on white paper. It can also be used as a substitute for a ruler. You can measure the angle with a full circle protractor. Since the memory for every 10 degrees is displayed up to the edge of the underlay, it is a memory design that makes it easy to measure the angle of large buildings and landscapes. Dimension: H250 × W180 × D0.6mm (B5 size)

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