MIDORI MD Blank Notebook Light 52gsm B6 x 48 x 3

MIDORI 15209006

MIDORI MD Blank Notebook Light 52gsm B6 is sold of sets of three volumns, each with 48 pages, that can be used in the course of a few days. You can let your imagination run free and use each volumn in order, or perhaps use each of the three for different purposes.,With a notebook always tucked away in your bag, jacket or pocket as you wander around, you can instantly note your inspirations down. Spontaneity is born from lightness and slenderness.,If you fold a page back and hold the notebook tightly, you can take notes even while standing.,Just like “MD Notebook,” “MD Notebook Light” is available in four sizes. From the small and handy A6 and B6 Slim sizes, to A5 size that can be carried as a set with a pocketbook or tablet, and A4 size, the standard notebook size.,Package size:,H175 × W 115 × D 15 mm,Body size:,H175 × W105 × D3 mm × 3 books

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