CARAN D'ACHE Luminance Color Pencil Portrait Set x 20

CARAN D'ACHE 6901.920

Luminance 6901® colour palette has been expanded with 20 new colours – all with the same 100% lightfast guarantee – meaning the range now comprises 100 different shades. These new artistic colours, complementary to the existing colour chart, broaden the field of use and application of these exceptional lightfast colour pencils.

Luminance 6901® colour pencils combine exceptional lightfastness with the smoothness of a permanent lead. Produced in accordance to the ASTM D-6901 standard, they meet the requirements of the most demanding creative professionals when it comes to ensuring the original quality of their works.

Details of the Pencil: Premium FSC certified cedar wood,Round body, matt casing matches the colour of the lead,Colour number and name indicated, Light resistance complies with the highest international standards for light resistance in coloured pencils (ASTM D6901)

Details of the Lead: Permanent, creamy lead,Diameter Ø 3.8 mm for clean and accurate lines, Maximum covering power, High pigment concentration for intense, bright colours

Techniques of Use: Superimposing colours, shading, unlimited mixed media combinations,Ideal for creating ultra-realistic artistic portraits of both people and animals.

Combine with SUPRACOLOR® Soft Aquarelle for wash drawings and watercolour effects, Or with PABLO® pencils for details, hatching and to colour numerous media

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