BRAUSE Plume Metal Nib 66 Extra Fine Silver Arrow x 3

BRAUSE 300066

Brause steel nibs are manufactured for writing, drawing and decorating. They can be found in the toolbox of many calligraphers, artists, penmen and illustrators. Brause uses cold rolled steel to manufacture its nibs. This steel is delivered in reels which are required width for producing nibs. The steel is then pressed by tools specific to each model and nib size. Even in a modern mill parts of the nib manufacturing process are still done by hand. The most delicate part of the operation involves cutting a slit down the middle, enabling the ink to flow correctly and freely from the reservoir to the tip of the nib. During this operation, and depending on the nib model, the tip is bent slightly to give it a spherical shape. Made in Germany. Features,- Square nibs for rounded (Roman, Italic, Gothic) lettering. Ink reservoir on top. Unique for the sharpness of its angles and by the precision of its upstrokes, the Bandzug nib gives incomparable Gothic letters.,- For tiny writing, fine lines. Fine point, smooth reaction and elastic drawing style.

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