BELTON Granite Effect Spray 400ml Blue

BELTON 323353

Amazingly real, solid, granite look. This special spray lends decoration objects of all kinds a typical stonelike, solid and upmarket granite effect. An amazing transformation, in particular on objects not typically made of stone. Stone design for indoors and outdoors. The product can,be used on a wide variety of materials. Always coat with belton clearcoat for all effects. Application,To lend decoration objects a solid granite look. For objects made of metal, wood, plastics, polystyrene, stone, clay, ceramics, glass as well as rattan/bast and card/paper etc.,Wood, metal, ceramics, stone, clay and plastics that can be painted Binding Agent base: Special resins Spray application: for 1-2 cross coats: 120-150 μm ,Spray distance: 40-50 cm Drying time: between the separate coats: approx. 30 min.,dust-dry: after approx. 2 hours,fast-to-handling: after approx. 12 hours,dry-hard: after approx. 48 hours Note: Recommendation: It is necessary to apply several layers of belton clearcoat for all effects (Art. No. 323 399) to achieve long term granite effect.,Please check the compatibility of plastic surfaces. All other surfaces, such as e.g. stone, clay, ceramics, glass, rattan/bast, card/paper need to be primed with belton universal primer.,The surface to be painted must be clean, dry and free of grease. ,Do not spray onto objects coated with artificial resin because the paint may lift.

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