ARTLINE Decorite Brush Marker Neon Set x 4


Is a bullet style acid-free decorated pen that ideal for decorating and writing on most surface including paper, glass, porcelain, metal and plastic etc. Material Surface that can apply: Coated Paper: Ink drying time may vary according to the material surface.,Paper: Use Artline Supreme permanent markers to mix and created colourful effects, aiming to enhance the artwork as a whole. Photographic paper, laminated paper, cardsboards, cartons and even dark coloured paper. Wood: Practice colour layering for better vibrance. Be sure to fill in all colours at the uneven wood porous surface, make your artwork full of ink colour. Glass: Decorite is easily erasable repeatedly using wet clothes on glass surface. Use white colours as foundation layers to create extra colour contrast. Metal: User-Friendly even on metal surface. decorite is ready to use upon cap-off. Plastic: The water based pigment ink is easily erasable repeatedly, by using wet clothes on plastic surface.D.I.Y your most statisfied design for special gift and any decoration Whiteboard: Use variety colours to make your presentation more attractive and fun. Fabric: A good control on pen nib helps to create gradient effect. Practice colour layering for better vibrance Porcelain: Be sure to overlap the colours only when the ink from previous layer dries. Rubber: Choosing the right colour combination will helps to get optimum effects. Plastic Blackboard: Pastels and metallic colours are recommended,Leather: High density ink creates vivid colour effects even on dark coloured leather.

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