Watercolor Galaxy On Traveler’s Notebook

IDEAS – Watercolor Galaxy on Traveler’s Notebook

Contribute by Grace Syiariel (Indonesia)

Lately I’m super excited to come back to journaling, especially when I’m introduced to Traveler’s Notebook. It helps me to sum up the day in a fun and creative way. Since I like to plan my weeks ahead and also to keep the fun memories, I have 2 different journals that suit each of my need.

If you’re still new to this, I recommend you to read the Part 1 of Lunaarialle’s inspiration page in Overjoyed for more exciting ideas. This time I’ll share about how to create a galaxy background on your Traveler’s Notebook. Is that even possible? Yes it is!

Surprisingly, the sketch paper (012) holds water pretty well, although I wouldn’t do more than 1 layer of wet on wet. Without further due, let’s do this!

First, the tools. You’ll need:
1. Traveler’s notebook
2. Traveler’s notebook 012 sketch paper insert
3. Watercolors: Schmincke (Ultramarine), Daniel Smith (Quinacridone Violet)
4. Water in a sprayer bottle
5. Raphael watercolor brush
6. Uniball white gel pen
7. Tombow brushpens and drawing pen for calligraphy
8. Any sticker, ticket, or anything you want to stick on your notebook.

For this one, I just collect a pin from a fellow artist in Indonesia. He made a cute “Ursa major: the great bear” pin which I think suits the background really well.

Before I start to wet the paper, I decided where and how I want to put the pin (embellishment). After that, I put it away and start wetting the paper using water spray. While the paper is still very wet, drop in the colors with the brush, and tilt the paper to let the paint move. While the paints move and blend, spray some more water here and there so it made an interesting pattern. If you end up with a large puddle of water, touch it gently with kitchen towel to lift it up. On the left side of my page, you can see the grain that daniel smith paint produce naturally after I spray in some water.
While I wait for it to dry, I mix the two colors and made a flower and leaves, varying on the opacity to match the background.

Once it’s dry, draw little dots with white gel pen and a star, and you’re done!

I had so much fun filling up my Traveler’s notebook using watercolor, I hope you do, too! And since next week is October, it’s a good idea to use your Traveler’s notebook for some Inktober challenge.

Thank you and have fun!

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