Travel Bullet Journaling Workshop with Stephanie Tan (Sat, 29th Feb)

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Travel Bullet Journaling Workshop with Stephanie Tan

Workshop Date: Sat, 29th February 2020
AM Session: 10.30am – 1.30pm
Workshop Fee: $140.00*
Workshop Level: Basic

Registration is Open (Register by 26th Feb)
For participants aged 13 years & above

*Important Notes:
- Once registered, no refund for those who wish to withdraw their participation. However, we reserve the right to amend or cancel (full refund) this workshop with prior notice to all participants.

- In line with the PDPA regulations, during the lesson, Overjoyed will be taking photographs and recording video of the workshop. By registering this workshop, participants are deemed to have given consent to be photographed, videoed or recorded in these medium as may be necessary for purposes such as publicity, illustration, advertising and web consent.

Venue: OVERJOYED WORKSHOP SPACE - The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #B1-11 Singapore 229233

About the Artist:
Stephanie (@stephtcreates) is a Singaporean Journal Artist and her love for creating lettering, doodles and handmade cards started back in her young school days. Her curiosity led her to learn from numerous mentors to further master the knowledge and skills to develop her artistic interest. This interest has become a way of her life and helped to express herself through lettering and drawings and eventually, through regular journaling. Today, she shares her love for journaling with her audience through workshops, jamming activities and events.

About the Workshop:
Have you always wondered how effective can a bullet journal be? You may have wanted to attempt bullet journal but the concepts and variations that you have seen can seem pretty intimidating or confusing to look sustainable. What if you are not artistic? Can you still bullet journal? Get your doubts answered here in our workshop!

The Bullet Journal is in fact a simple yet highly adaptable journaling methodology created by Ryder Carroll (Brooklyn, New York City), which was launched though his Kickstarter project in 2014. Due to its flexibility, many have successfully adapted this system into various journal forms over the years - Visual art journal, photo journal, reflection journal, sketch journal etc.

This 3hr workshop is designed for any beginner who is keen to understand and embark on a bullet journal journey. This session is also specially designed with a travel-themed where participants get ideas of bullet journaling for travelling (pre, during and post-travel).

Guiding you along is Singaporean bullet journalist, Stephanie Tan (@stephtcreates), who has been actively journaling since young and conducted regular Bullet Journal workshops since June 2018. In this interactive session of creativity and fun, the main topics to be covered in the workshop are:
- Concept of Bullet Journaling
- Lifestyle Journaling
- Travel Bullet Journaling 
- Creative Presentation
- Suitable Tools & Materials
- Fixing of mistakes
- Sample layouts
- Journaling Prompts
- Hands-on session

Feel free to bring along your printed photos, stamps, decoration tapes and items, and even your existing planner so we can explore how we can easily migrate into the bullet journal system. By the end of the 3-hour session, you will be ready to embark on a sustainable journaling journey that enhances your productivity and creativity, and brings more fun and excitement when you head for your next holiday trip!

What is included in this Workshop:
On top of sharing materials, you will also be provided with essential bring-home materials which includes Rhodia Dot Grid Hardcover Notebook, and Sakura Colour Products.

A 20% Off Storewide Discount Voucher will be given to all participants.

Free flow drinks will also be provided.