Traditional Stone Marbling Process (Paper Marbling)

IDEAS – Traditional Stone Marbling Process (Paper Marbling)

Contribute by Jeffrey Ang (
A collaboration project by Artefakts x Overjoyed

1. How to Prepare Alum and Size for Marbling:
- Stir well with brush to dissolve 1 tablespoon of alum* in 235ml of warm water
- Brush alum solution onto papers evenly on both sides
- Once done, hang the papers to dry. When papers are almost dry, lay them flat and weigh down with heavy books overnight to avoid curl of papers
*Alum is used as a mordant to allow paints to stick on marbling papers of fabrics. Without alum, the colours will wash away during rinsing. Alum powder can be obtained from baking store (

2. The Marbling Bath: Carrageenan Size:
- Prepare 5 dessertspoons of Carrageenan. Carrageenan is derived from Irish moss, a type of seaweed
- Agitate 5L of water and pour in sieved carrageenan
- Whisk vigorously. Adjust the ratio of carrageenan to water to thicken or thin the viscosity
- Prepare a suitable container, place a fine sieve and pour size (carrageenan mixture) through sieve. The sieve is to strain any undissolved clumps
- Allow to stand for about 3 hours for air bubbles to escape. Store in fridge until ready to use!
NOTE: Alternatively, you may use Pebeo Marbling Bath which is a powder that added to water to create a gel base to hold inks and patterns for marbling onto papers or fabrics. It is similar in consistency to wallpaper paste or more complex bases made with Carrageen Moss. Refer to product label for instruction of use.

3. Creating the Stone Marble Effect:
- With a broomstraw, apply the first colour on the marbling size eg. black. The first colour should be ideally cover about 90% of the bath surface
- Apply the second colour in the same manner using the broomstraw. The second colour should cover about 70% of the bath surface
- Apply the third colour in the same manner using the broomstraw
- Sprinkle the fourth colour with a brush
- Subsequent colours applied should become less with smaller dots
- Add a touch of warm red for accent
- Lay the paper or fabric piece onto the surface and carefully lift off the marbling size. Dry the works
NOTE: Use Pebeo Marbling paints to achieve brilliant colours and create endless marbling patterns!
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