TOUCH Liner Drawing Pen Set x 5

TOUCH 4100005
TOUCH Liner drawing pen set comes in 5 different sizes.

TOUCH Liner Marker is an odourless, pigment-based marker that drys waterproof and doesn’t dissolve in alcohol, printer and toner ink, allowing for vividly coloured Touch markers to flow freely without smudging, making it ideal for a diverse range of uses. With a durable fine point steel nib, it offers artists and graphic designers a greater range of line thicknesses than ever before.

Made in Japan.

- Perfect control over delivery of ink flow to allow precision drawing.
- Ergonomically designed body - provides a perfect grip.
- Specially designed safety cap that stacks neatly and prevents damage to the nibs.
- Suitable for animation, architectural renderings, comic illustrations, interior design sketches and scrapbooking.

- Close cap tightly after use. Store pen in a cool, dry place.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Ink may stain fabrics.
- Store pen horizontally.

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