STRATHMORE 400 Series Toned Tan Artist Tiles 216gsm 4” x 4” x 30

STRATHMORE 105-977-1
STRATHMORE 400 Series Artist Tiles Toned Tan is a pre cut size brown papers used with Calligraphy pen nib, lettering pens, drawing pens, gel ink pens, marking pens, technical pens, graphite, colored pencils and markers.
Heavyweight Toned Sketch Tiles in warm tan and cool gray are special surfaces for creating patterns using light and dark media. The mid tone values of the tan and gray papers give artists the unique opportunity to use bright highlights and dark shadows to make patterns that really pop. Toned papers are 100% recycled, and contains 30% post-consumer fiber.

Strathmore Toned Tan papers are Acid Free.

Experience the emotional benefits of art through pattern drawing on Strathmore’s pre-cut artist tiles. Acid free.

Weight: 80 lb. (20" x 26" x 500 sheets) 216 g/m2

Surface: Medium

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