Spectral Skyline Art with Teranishi Markers

IDEAS – Spectral Skyline Art with Teranishi Markers

Contributed by Li Ching, Leach (@lichingheng)

Materials You’ll Need:
1. Teranishi Majestar Slim Twin Marker Set
2. Canvas Board 6’’ x 8’’
3. Rubbing Alcohol

This is a fun and easy doodling/painting project you can do with minimal effort and within an hour! Manageable and safe for kids too! Just in time for the school vacation.

1. For this project, we will be using all the colours from the Majestar 12 set in spectral order. You can choose your own colour scheme if you prefer. Tip: Try not to overmix as this will create a dull blend. Keep to the same colour family or to only 2 primary colours.
2. Draw rectangles at the base of the canvas and then colour them in with the markers. You don’t need to be too careful as we will be covering these over in black later.
3. Set your canvas panel at an angle and gently drop some rubbing alcohol on the rectangles. The alcohol will cause the colors to bleed and drip down your canvas.
4. Move your panel around to create the pattern you want.
5. If you want the colors to appear brighter, repeat steps 2 to 4 again. Repeat as necessary.
6. Once you are satisfied with the rainbow drips, it’s time to draw in the skyline in black. Start with the outline or silhouette first, then colour in with a black marker.
7. With the fine tip, add in details for the skyline, eg. Rooftops, antennae, power lines, windows etc. 
8. And that’s it! You may wish to customize this by writing or adding some lettering.

You can find me online at:
Instagram - @lichingheng

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