Sketching With Sailor Fude Bent Nib Pen

Sketching with Sailor Fude Bent Nib Pen

Contributed by Paul Wang

This has to be one of my favourite fountain pen when I go urban sketching. As you can see, this is an unusual pen with a bent nib originally designed for calligraphy writing.

The nib is bent at 55 degrees to allow for great flexibility just like a brush used for calligraphy. You can see how the pen is capable of producing both thick and thin lines just by changing the angle and pressure. Borrowing all this wonderful qualities of a single pen, I do not have to worry about switching different nib size pens when I am sketching and simply focus on capturing the moment.

Adding textures to my sketches is also adding vital information to the visual story that I am trying to tell. This pen allows you to quickly create many interesting textures on paper. Look at the detail of my sketch and you can appreciate the flexibility of this pen.

Regarding the ink used, I highly recommend using DeAtrimentis Document Ink as it has great flow and does not clog the nib. The ink is also waterproof and allows you to add watercolour without the fear of smudging.

You may also notice a little nob on the cap. This is a little important detail the pen maker added to prevent your pen from rolling off the table and saves you the trouble of a broken pen. Have fun playing with the pen!

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