SCHMINCKE Aero Color Acrylic Ink 28ml Phthalo Green

SCHMINCKE 28500023
AERO COLOR® Professional colours have a pleasant odour, are easy to use and can be used on most grease-free surfaces. All colours are ready for use. Due to their finest pigmentation, they can be used pure but can also be diluted with AERO MEDIUM (Art.No. 50602) or with water.

AERO COLOR® Professional adheres particularly well to all sorts of papers and cardboards as well as the usual, non-absorbent surfaces such as film, hard plastics and – after appropriate preliminary treatment – metal. The colours are easy to mask and excellent for graphic designs and special airbrush techniques.

AERO COLOR® Professional dries semi-matt, is water-resistant and is easy to reproduce.

The colour chart for AERO COLOR® Professional is striking due to the new car shape design. The curved, dynamic surface which is imitating a car suits ideally for demonstrating the brilliance of AERO COLOR® Professional the more as it is very often used on three-dimensional objects.

The bi-color surface emphasizes the effect of the individual shade. The effect of the effect colours is very different depending on light or dark surfaces. For the standard colours however, it is easy to see which colour is transparent or opaque.

Capacity: 28ml

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