Review & Unboxing Mungyo Nostalgia of Pastel Set

IDEAS – Review & Unboxing Mungyo Nostalgia of Pastel Set

Contributed by Caryne Chua

Art products from Korea are just too amazing. Beautiful packaging, the colours are very vibrant and the assortment are gorgeous. This pan type watercolour will lead you to new experience and genuine pleasure of magic colours for professional artist!

This watercolour set comes in convenient and luxurious metal case with two fold-out palette. The smallest size is very easy to hold in the hand because it features a finger ring at bottom. However, if does not sit well on a table or flat surface because the lid of the set flips backwards. 

Artist can get vivid colour intensity, brilliant & transparent colours with superb lightfastness. The colours mix together perfectly. Perfect for travelling, or outdoor artist! 

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