Photo Decorative DIY Craft with Décopatch

IDEAS – Photo Decorative DIY Craft with Décopatch

Contributed by Rachel Lim (@scrappinlove)

Materials You’ll Need:
1. 4R photograph of your choice, 1 piece
2. Black card stock, A4 size, 1 piece
3. Red card stock, A5 size, 1 piece
4. Décopatch paper of 2 different patterns, A4 size, 1 piece each
5. Washi tapes, 3 different designs
6. Sequins, a few
7. Scissors 
8. Adhesive tape
9. Adhesive glue
10. Ruler (optional)

In our digital saturated world, most of us somehow forget how important it is to make something by hand. To honour our relationships with the people we care a bit more tangibly, it would be lovely to make a simple card for a loved one on any occasion.

In this DIY project, I am going to share with you how quick and easy it is to create a card which can to use as a photo frame too. You are free to replace or add in any decorative elements, the choice is yours. Do have in mind that the selected decorative elements have to be cohesive to establish an overall harmony and balance of the card.

Firstly, fold the black card stock into half. Depending on whether your photograph is in landscape or portrait layout, align the art card in landscape or portrait accordingly. 

Next, layer your photograph on top of the red card stock. Determine how broad you want the red border to be. Tip: it is not necessary to have an uniform border. Rather, have the red card stock unproportional with the photograph to achieve a more carefree look. When you have determined the dimension of the red card stock, use scissors to trim off the excess. Tip: to create rough edges and texture of paper, use ruler to tear off the excess instead. With the remaining red card stock, cut out two identical heart shapes.

Moving on to the two pieces of décopatch paper, play around with the layering to determine which design to be the bottom most layer (décopatch paper #1) and which design (décopatch paper #2) above. Once decided, use scissors or ruler to trim off the excess of the décopatch papers. Make sure they are smaller than the folded black card stock. 
You need to have the following layering sequence:
From the bottom up,
Black card stock
Décopatch paper #1
Décopatch paper #2
Red card stock

Taking the décopatch paper #2, crush it to create crepes and wrinkles. This will allow you to have a more organic look of your creation. 

With the adhesive tape, secure and paste all layers. 

To further decorate your card, paste the desire washi tapes and heart die cuts as shown in the image. Tip: have one focus point with the use of decorative elements. In this case, the heart die cuts are the focus point. 

For the final touch, paste some sequins randomly with the adhesive glue.

There you have it, a handmade card for that someone special. Try it!

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