ONLINE Stylus Icone Fusion Rollerball Pen Set

ONLINE 37048
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The Rollerball Icone Fusion Stylus - extraordinary and stylish. Elegant Rosewood combined with tortoiseshell acrylic make for a sporty, elegant writing instrument that lives up to the highest standards. Design - made in Germany - stands for quality and sustainability. Equipped with a particularly high-quality stylus tip, the user can use this special pen to write soft, soft, sketch and slide across the sensitive touch screen. Upside down is the rollerball - line width 0.7mm, blue ink - immediately available for any note on paper. Its elegant design and high-quality workmanship make this multifunctional writing instrument an extraordinary companion in the digital world. The rollerball Icone Fusion Stylus in a noble gift case - a dreamlike highlight as a gift.

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