ONLINE FH Timeless Kauri Wood Fountain Pen Set

ONLINE 38905
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Timeless Wood: luxury design fountain pen made of Kauri Wood, a 50,000 year old handmade piece, one of the most outstanding collectors of the ONLINE collection. More than 50,000 years ago, dense and prehistoric kauri developed on an island between the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean in the southern hemisphere of our land, on the North Island of New Zealand. Before the Ice Age, an inexplicable whim of nature buried the trees in a peat bog and preserved the forest in excellent condition. The primitive Kauri wood is unique: each writing instrument is unique and has an invaluable collector's value. Golden and rhodium-plated feather, standard width M (medium) with 5 years manufacturer's warranty. The high quality fountain pen is equipped with a high quality converter, all metal accessories are coated in noble rhodium. Each writing instrument is handmade piece by piece. With a certificate of authenticity and a Kauri wood writing utensil, each of these unique pieces in the wooden gift box is an exceptional gift for the most demanding. It is also possible to use standard cartridges. For personal and individual pleasure, the pen is easily interchangeable with ONLINE's "Easy Change System".

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