Northern Lights Card Making

IDEAS – Northern Lights Card Making

Contribute by Crystal Tang

Christmas is coming, and so is every other festive season that calls for a reason to give and celebrate! The demand of Hallmark cards increase, so does the price (sounds like economics?)! So why not make full use of what you have to do some cards and give your loved ones a handcrafted and personal piece!

Featured here are pieces done with a very affordable set of KOI Sakura Watercolour set! The set I'm using consists of 18 Colours, comes with 2 rectangular sponges at the sides, a removable flat palette and most surprisingly, my Favourite water brush! With the water brush, you simply fill the tube (blue portion) with some water, and connect it to the synthetic brush part! This is the perfect travel set if you wish to take your inspirations further from home! For this piece, the Raphael artist round brush set was used. It comes in various sizes suitable for painting a variety of images with its rather stable brush tips!

The card I'm featuring today are done in the theme of Northern lights seen from a forest perspective. To ensure the Chevron pattern remains in good shape during painting, I used the Masti washi tape that comes in all sorts of patterns and sizes! The ones seen in here are the Pop Cosmic (20mm x 7m) and Dot Fuschia Pink (15mm x 7m). Depending on the size of the pattern, you may need to use 2 strips to cover the white portion. The Masti tapes are simply my favourite washi tapes as they don't stick to the paper used!

Not forgetting, the paper used was my personal favourite Strathmore Bristol Smooth 300gs pad! The smooth texture is a true attraction for someone who uses it with all sorts of brushes! With its very fine grains, the brushes are sure to last a longer time as well! Highly recommended!

That's all for now! Please feel free to check out my pages for more works and tutorials!

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