MUNGYO Professional Watercolor Paint 1/2 Pan Nostalgia Of Pastel Set x 12

This pan type watersolor will lead you to new experience and genuine pleasure of magic colours for professional artists. Made up of the purest pigment and kordofan gum Arabic, with no filters. Artists can obtain vivid color intensity and superb dilution. The colors mix together perfectly, offering superbly subtle shades. Served in convenient and luxurious metal palette for the road.

- Luminous color / Intense color / Transparent

841 - Raw Umber (Green Shade)
851 - Transparent Brown Oxide
808 - Pyrrol Red
873 - Rose Madder Genuine
874 - Salmon Pink
870 - Permanent Yellow Deep
871 - Cadmium Yellow Right
821 - Fechsite Genuine
822 - Cobalt Turquoise Light
824 - Manganese Blue Hue
825 - Phthalo Blue Light
875 - Ultramarine Pink

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