MOLOTOW One4All Acrylic Marker 1mm 180 Signal Black

MOLOTOW 127101
An acrylic-based marker with exchangeable 15mm crossover nib. One4All is the new reference-class in the marker area with unreached coverage and brilliant colours, FlowMaster valve for active paint flow control and the patented capillary technology. In addition to this comes the groundbreaking acrylic-based hybrid paint that can be diluted with water or acetone. All these features made the One4All marker series the new shooting-star of the art and design area.

Made in Germany.

- 15mm crossover nib; exchangeable with other sizes.
- Patented capillary technology.
- FlowMaster pump valve and mixing balls.
- High-tight cap with rolling stop.
- Hybrid acrylic paint; dilutable with acetone or water.
- Highly opaque and UV-resistant.
- Refillable.
- Excellent for acrylic, ceramics, concrete, fabric, glass, metal, plastic, pulp and wood.
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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