METAPHYS Famm Leather Roll Pen Case Navy

Enjoy the action of unrolling. Meaning of winding for storage. The design behavior associated with the act of unrolling, adds a sophisticated quality to the everyday pen case. By removing any visible stitching, the leathers soft appearance remains, leaving a consistently smooth surface and a simple aesthetic that never becomes outdated.

Storage suited for each item. It has multipurpose pockets that accommodate not only pens, but also small items. Inserting your favorite pens one by one protects each one from damage due to collisions.

Flexible leather that fits comfortably in your hand is used so that you can change the winding width freely.

Size: W 190 mm × H 180 mm
Material: Leather (Inside / Polyester)
Weight: 65 g
Inside Color: Dark Brown
Zip/Material Parts: Silver

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