Magnolia Flower Painting with White Nights Watercolor

IDEAS – Magnolia Flower Painting with White Nights Watercolour

Contribute by Mylene Molo

Are you a watercolour beginner looking for a good quality paint that would not break the bank? Or maybe you’re a seasoned artist trying to discover more colour options? You should definitely consider White Nights, product from Russia!

Courtesy of Overjoyed, I was able to get my hands on the 10ml set of 12 tubes. I squeezed them on a separate palette and swatched them on watercolour paper. The tube label and box show symbols representing level of lightfastness and opacity/transparency. That’s really helpful! True enough, as I’ve heard from other artists, the paints are sticky, somewhat honey-like. I left my palette to dry overnight as I usually do but to my surprise the paints remained in the same sticky form as if it was fresh from the tube.

Colours included in the set of 12 are:
Lemon - PY3 / transparent / high LF
Cadmium Yellow Medium - PY35 / opaque / high LF
Golden Deep - PO62 / transparent / high LF
Cadmium Red Light - PR108 / opaque / high LF
Carmine - PR170:1 / transparent / medium LF
Ceruleum Blue - PB35 / semi-transparent / high LF
Ultramarine - PB29 / semi-transparent / high LF
Emerald Green - PG7 / transparent / high LF
Green - PG8 / transparent / medium LF
Raw Sienna - PBr7 / semi-transparent / high LF
Sepia - PR102, PR187, PBk7 / semi-transparent / high LF
Lamp Black - PBk7 / semi-transparent / high LF

I painted magnolia flowers in negative painting style using White Nights to test. I must say that the colours are vibrant and rich. The paints are so easy to rewet so one needs to have that light touch when picking up colour, I had trouble with that initially but was able to adjust fast.

Overall, I like the colour selection in the 12-tube set. You will get the primary colours in warm and cool tones, as well as earth tones. I can imagine using this on my art journal as well as painting landscapes, botanicals, and more, for both indoor and outdoor sessions.

Materials used:
White Nights Extra Fine Artists' Water Colour 10ml Set x12
Strathmore 500 Series Watercolor Paper 300gsm 8"x10"x10 Cold Press
Escoda Brushes
Pencil and eraser
Krylon Kamar Varnish

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