Lemur & Flowers Watercolor Painting

Contributed by Gina Maldonado (Hong Kong)

I’ve always found inspiration for my designs in nature. I love drawing wild animals, especially exotic ones with cute faces. For this painting I chose to draw a lemur and its baby surrounded by a flower wreath. To draw the lemurs I looked at images of their faces and bodies in different positions and drew them in my sketchbook and combined elements that I liked to create my own design. When I'm out and about, I take photos of flowers that I see and I use this gallery as reference when sketching. I also keep a botanical encyclopedia on my desk to mix things up.

I sketched the lemurs and the flower wreath lightly on my 250gm watercolour paper and then covered the parts of the painting that I wanted to keep white with the Molotow masking fluid marker. Before painting the main design I chose my colour palette by painting small squares on a small piece of watercolour paper that I keep close by for reference. For this painting I used the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolour set that has a beautiful selection of greens and reds which are perfect to paint leaves and flowers. I painted the background first and after it dried, I removed the masking fluid and coloured the other elements of the painting, starting with the leaves and then the flowers and the lemurs. I then added small details with a very thin brush and white ink.

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