Landscape of Prague using Sennelier Watercolor

IDEAS – Landscape of Prague using Sennelier Watercolour

Contributed by Yeng Lin

I brought the Sennelier watercolour set along during my trip to Europe. It is light in terms of the weight and solid too. The scene I painted was a courtyard of a house I was staying in Prague. I have painted with watercolour and added on using pencil and charcoal to create the depth. I particularly like 341 Phthalocyanine Turquoise, 690 Rose Madder Lake, 623 Venetian Red and 813 Olive Green as they are really vibrant yet transparent. For Sennelier, they are honey-based which give additional brilliance and smoothness while painting. Due to that, it is a bit quicker to get the colours wet and the texture is similar to the colours from tube. It floats easily and I am able to keep the luminosity of the colours without worrying it turning muddy.

For materials:
Sennelier Watercolour 24 1/2 pan set
KOH-I-NOOR Hardtmuth 1500 2B
Charcoal Stick

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