How to Decorate Your Planner

IDEAS – How to Decorate your Planner

Contribute by Ria De Lara (Philippines)

I have always believed that the secret to staying organized and getting things done is to jot your tasks in a planner. I use the Traveler’s Notebook in Passport size because it’s very handy. I can bring it with me anywhere I go. The Free Diary Weekly Insert is also great because you can see how your week goes in one glance.

Years ago, my planner had always been ugly and dirty with my messy handwriting and scribbles all over. Last year, I started to artfully decorate my planner after being inspired by crafty planner ladies on Instagram. Decorating a planner page is actually fun and stress relieving. It’s another way to harness one’s creativity.

Here are some ways you can decorate your planner:
1. Use stickers as embellishments.
2. Jot down your To Do’s in colourful memo pads.
3. Decorate with Washi Tapes.
4. Use colourful pens to add notes or illustrations.
5. Use Label Stickers to indicate important events.
6. Create quotes or titles using alphabet stamps.
7. Insert memorabilia by adding ephemera like tickets, calling cards, flyers, photos.

I have to admit that it does take some time and effort to decorate one’s planner. However, taking a glance at your beautifully decorated planner page might just help you to stay inspired to achieve your daily tasks.

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