Fundamentals of Italic Workshop with Nina Mareta (Sat, 17th Dec)

TASA 221217P
Fundamentals of Italic Workshop with Nina Mareta (IG: @ninamareta)

Workshop Date: Sat, 17th Dec 2022
PM Session: 2:30am – 5:30pm
Workshop Fee: $145.00*
Workshop Level: Basic – Intermediate – Advanced

Registration is Open (Register by 15th Dec)
For participants aged 16 years & above

*Important Notes:
- Once registered, no refund for those who wish to withdraw their participation. However, we reserve the right to amend or cancel (full refund) this workshop with prior notice to all participants.

- Cathay and other promotional vouchers cannot be used to register for our workshops unless otherwise stated.

- In line with the PDPA regulations, during the lesson, Overjoyed will be taking photographs and recording video of the workshop. By registering this workshop, participants are deemed to have given consent to be photographed, videoed or recorded in these medium as may be necessary for purposes such as publicity, illustration, advertising and web consent.

Venue: OVERJOYED WORKSHOP SPACE - The Cathay @ 2 Handy Road, #B1-11 Singapore 229233

About the Artist:
Started out calligraphy almost 5 years ago and in a short time, she has made calligraphy her full time profession.

Nina is passionate about calligraphy. She loves to spend her time practicing and deconstructing each strokes to get a better understanding about certain letter. She fins satisfaction in teaching calligraphy to those who shares the same interest.

Nina can’t draw or paint. And calligraphy does not make an impact on her regular handwriting. And the most asked question of “How is your regular handwriting?” She will answer: “incredibly messy!”

About the Workshop:
Calligraphy is trending nowadays, with campaigns like bringing cursive writing back, this is a very good time to learn the foundational of calligraphy. In this workshop, you will learn how to deconstruct a letter and be able to understand the essence every stroke that make up a letter.

Participants will learn:
- Knowing your tools and how to handle them
- Good posture while doing calligraphy
- In-depth understanding on each basic strokes
- Joining each basic strokes to form minuscule
- Joining each basic strokes to form letters.

What is included in this Workshop:
All participants will receive high quality products consist of specially curated handouts, calligraphy pens and paper pad to bring back after the workshop.

A 15% Off Storewide Discount Voucher will be given to all participants.