FIBRACOLOR Baby Pastel Pencil Set x 6

The Fibracolor Baby markers, dedicated to the little ones, have peculiar characteristics of safety and reliability, that make them suitable for children from 1 to 3 years, ideals for the kindergartens and most important, they are stain-proof: the inks used are guaranteed by the label “super-washable plus” that can be washed off by hands and fabrics only with water.
Besides, the rounded tip has been studied to prevent children from tearing it off.

Maxi wood pastel with wax crayon lead. Soft writing, vivid colours, easy to use and sharpen.

Washable with water and soap.
The box of 12 pastels contains a sharpener and is suitable for children over 3 years.

The box of 6 pastels doesn’t contain any sharpener and is therefore suitable for children over 1 year.

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