FAIRBRO Batik Dye 500ml Navy Blue

FAIRBRO 258-50-034
Fairbro Batik Dye offers wide range of brilliant colours which intermix well. Can be applied on cotton, wool, silk, linen, rayon,T-shirt, canvas and many other finer natural material. Enables permanent results without the use of steamers, chemical fixatives or extensive heat-setting.

How to use
Step 1. Pour in a pallette and take brush.
Step 2. Dip the brush onto the palette and apply on cloth
Step 3. Wait for Batik to dry up before using a brush to paint fixer over it so that colour will stays better. ( do note that eventually colour will still run)
Step 4. Wait for it to dry again before washing.

Excellent coverage, water resistant, permanent finish, inter-mixable vibrant colors

Content: 500ml

- Its the same as using acrylic paints.
- This is intended for batik painting and not for tie and dye
- Do not need to add any water.

Note: For best result, use only unstarch fabrics. Always test sample fabric before production.

Color chart may vary from actual colors.

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