Expressive Hibiscus Painting in Watercolor

IDEAS – Expressive Hibiscus Painting in Watercolour

Contributed by Mylene Molo

SCHMINCKE Horadam Watercolour 1/2 Pan Set x 8 with water tank
CLAIREFONTAINE Cold Pressed 100% Cotton 300 gsm
ESCODA Brushes

I have always been vocal about the use of high-quality materials in an art. It is therefore a privilege that these materials are readily available to us here in Singapore. I agree that using high-quality materials does not guarantee a masterpiece, but using them will have an assurance that your output will be vibrant, long lasting and lightfast.

This is an expressive painting of my favorite flower Hibiscus using three of my most favorite materials from Overjoyed.

Schmincke Horadam is the professional watercolor line of German brand Schmincke. It is a well-made product with diverse and large selection of colors. I personally like the assortment of cool and warm colors in this set. With just eight brilliant and intense colors, you will be able to paint any stunning piece. This particular set comes with a water tank making it ideal for plein air painting.

Colors included in the set of 8 are:
Ultramarine Finest 494 (good lightfastness, transparent, semi-staining)
Permanent Carmine 353 (good lightfastness, semi-opaque, semi-staining)
Cadmium Red Light 349 (good lightfastness, opaque, semi-staining)
Lemon Yellow 215 (lightfast, semi-opaque, semi-staining)
Sepia Brown 663 (good lightfastness, semi-opaque, semi-staining)
Yellow Ochre 655 (extremely lightfast, semi-opaque, staining)
Permanent Green Olive 534 (good lightfastness, semi-opaque, semi-staining)
Prussian Blue 492 (good lightfastness, semi-opaque, staining)

The paper I used in this painting is from French brand Clairefontaine. This paper is 100% cotton, which means that it is least likely to yellow, and the most durable. It is also acid free which means that it will not deteriorate over time (acid can cause papers to yellow and become brittle). Another major player in this painting are the Escoda brushes. Escoda is a company from Barcelona, Spain and they make the best brushes!

Painting Process:
1. Mount the paper on your board taping down the edges using painter’s tape. Press the tape firmly using a bone folder.
2. Sketch your subject. Apply clean water to the whole surface with a flat brush and then paint your background color over it. In my case, I used combination of Prussian Blue and Permanent Green Olive. Since you want to avoid the flowers to look flat, be careful not to make all their contours too obvious.
3. Once the first layer of paint has dried, start painting the shape of each flower by painting around it.
4. Paint the leaves and details of the flowers.
5. Complete your painting by making sure depth is established. Intensify some background colors and add highlights/sparkles using white gouache. Sign your painting.

Other materials used:
painter’s Tape
bone folder
sturdy board for paper mounting
Faber-Castell Water Pot
white ceramic mixing plate
white gouache
Krylon Kamar Varnish

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