Calligraffiti With Pro-Use Markers

IDEAS – Calligraffiti with Pro-Use Markers
Contribute by Azhar (@scryptk)

As a street calligraffiti artist, I use a lot of parallel nib markers to achieve that bold confident line to mimic that street attitude and character in my letter -form

Furthermore, not all markers are made to withstand the harsh and brutal abuse I dictate on the pens. Some are too transparent, some are too thick and the one problem I have with most pens are they dried up really fast or the nibs give way too soon. 

One of the pens/ markers I recently discovered while browsing Overjoyed store (like browsing thru the library or bookstore) was the Platinum Pro Use markers. I realize they have the parallel nibs fibre markers and discovered they are extremely well pigmented. The pen writes smooth and crisp and I have no trouble abusing the nib onto the paper.

The inks works well on various classification of papers that I have used and abused to test new form and style of lettering.

They come in various Nib sizes and even have outliners for those who prefer to use the brand for sketching purposes.
Furthermore due to the high pigmented inks, it writes well on a variety of surfaces too and is fast drying (a key feature of the ink which i personally like)

You wont go wrong with this pen.

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