TASA 2003-08-18
Contemporary Jawi Art Workshop
TASA 2003-07-18
Basic Chinese Calligraphy Workshop
TASA 2003-06-18
Basic Portrait Drawing Workshop
TASA 2003-05-18
Introduction to Plein Air Painting Workshop
TASA 1911302
Sketched Floral Watercolour Painting Workshop with Molly & Co. (Sat, 30th Nov)
TASA 1911232
Simply Watercolour Urban Sketching Workshop with Uhky Uhky (Sat, 23rd Nov)
TASA 1911161
Christmas Flourishing Workshop with Susan Lui (Sat, 16th Nov)
TASA 1911163
Acrylic Pouring Art Mini Workshop with Ai Yen (Sat, 16th Nov)
IDEAS 280319
Rainbow Galaxy with Princeton Brush & Shinhan Watercolor
IDEAS 200319
Kids Activity: Dotting & Easter Egg Activities
IDEAS 180319
Spectral Skyline Art with Teranishi Markers
IDEAS 030319
Dog Portrait Painting with Pastel Products
Card Making Ideas using Zebra Mildliner Brushes by Ai Yen
Hand Lettering using Teranishi Markers by Leah Chong
Coliro Pearl Watercolour Swatches: Swatch on White Paper & Coliro on Colouring Book by Crystal Tang
Galaxy Painting with Mungyo Professional Watercolour Paints