TASA 2003-06-18
Portrait Drawing Workshop
TASA 2003-05-18
Plein Air Painting Workshop
TASA 2003-04-18
Oil Painting Workshop
TASA 2003-03-18
Landscape Nature Painting Workshop with Tham Pui San
TASA 1901191
Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop with Susan Lui (19th JAN Sat)
TASA 1901052
Fabric Marbling Workshop with Jeffrey Ang (5th JAN Sat)
TASA 1901192
Basic Watercolour Floral Workshop with Allerandy Toh (19th Jan Sat)
TASA 1901122
Basic Bullet Journaling Workshop with Audrey Yong (12th JAN Sat)
IDEAS 291118
Using Chinese Ink Techniques in Watercolours
IDEAS 281118
Review & Unboxing Mungyo Nostalgia of Pastel Set
IDEAS 101118
Landscape of Prague using Sennelier Watercolour
IDEAS 271118
Expressive Hibiscus Painting in Watercolour