Introduction to Oil Painting Workshop

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Introduction to Oil Painting Workshop

Type of Workshop: Series (Dates TBA)
Duration per session: 3hrs
Fee: TBA

Registration of Interest is Open

Venue: OVERJOYED WORKSHOP SPACE - The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, #B1-11 Singapore 229233

About the Workshop

This Masterclass introduces the Fine Art of Oil Painting in the styles of the Old Masters. Participants will be taught the method of human proportion and pencil shading and have their own masterpiece painted in oil at the end of the program.

Learning objectives:

Understand Colour and Colour Mixing
- Primary paint colours are not "pure" but rather lean toward either yellow or blue, making them warm if toward yellow, or cool if toward blue. This influences how the primary colours mix to produce the secondary colours.

Use a Limited Painting Palette
- Do not feel that you have to use all the colours in your painting at once. Start with a monochrome painting, a painting of only one hue plus its shades (black added) and tints (white added). Use any colour you like depending on whether you want a cool or warm painting. This will allow you to get the feel of the paint.

Understand Paint Order
- Paint thick over thin, fat over lean, and slow-drying over fast-drying. Using thinner paint and less oil in the first layers, saving thicker paint and higher oil content for later layers. This will help ensure that earlier layers dry first and will help to keep your painting from cracking.